James Cameron

A Rolex A Story – James Cameron

I believe many people have heard of a director: James Cameron, who is one of the top filmmakers in the film industry, the most famous of his works is the film Titanic (Titanic), which has won 11 Oscar awards, and has been one of most prestigious films of all times. , and the movie “Avatar” (Avatar) broke the world’s highest movie box office record.

Whether be it the film-making or adventure, Mr. Cameron is careful to plan his work and will only accept the challenge that will allow him to transcend his personal limits. For him, his Rolex watch symbolizes the relentless exploration of the unknown, which is very similar to his pursuit. For more than 20 years, the watch has accompanied him in countless adventures and is now being granted to a new owner living in the depths of the Amazon.

James Cameron
James Cameron

He once said: “I was addicted to science as a child, I especially like the fantasy of future, love to play a naturalist to collect insects, snakes, butterflies and all kinds of specimens in nature.” At first, I volunteered to be an explorer, not a filmmaker. It was not until later that I found out I loved making movies.

When I was young, I would watch movies that inspired endless imaginations and these movies could lead me into the world of stories. When I decided to be a movie producer, I wanted to bring for the viewers the extraordinary experience I had when I was a child watching a movie. ”

In 1995, James Cameron, based on the inspirations he had at the age of 19 in college, wrote the storyline of “Avatar” , the whole idea was formed more than 20 years ago. Then he spent another 10 years creating a historical emergence and really started making the film, which is very similar to the history of Rolex.

“I thought the gifts they gave me were very precious, so I thought what should I give them back?” It must be something that is very important to me and has the same meaning as his gift. So I gave him my beloved Rolex-submariner watch. ”

James Cameron
James Cameron

James Cameron, when making the film Avatar (Avatar), “I have collected a lot of information about indigenous cultures and found that indigenous tribes still faced many difficulties to this day, such as the homeless tribesmen and the declining tribal culture.” The unprecedented success of Avatar has made me realize that I am responsible and must devote myself to the interests and rights of indigenous people. ”

I became friends with Chief ROPNI, whose tribe Kayapo was located in the depths of the Amazon. He gave me a lot of great gifts and through a unique naming ceremony he initiated me to the Kayapo tribe. From the perspective of their culture, these items are all very valuable. So I thought, “What should I give back to him as gift?” It Must be something that is very important to me and has the same meaning as his gift. “So I gave him my Rolex submariner watch.”. This also shows that the Rolex in the heart of James Cameron is equal to these valuable gifts.

“Since the purchase of that watch 20 years ago, it is inseparable with me.” Even when we were making the film, Terminator 2, my Rolex watch was always with me, in a thrilling spectacle, with a camera in hand, being only 2 feet away from the 18-wheel truck , one explosion scene after another , sitting in a side-car of a motorbike flying over a truck, I always wore my Rolex, when I first witnessed the wreck of the Titanic (Titanic) through the opening of the submersible, and when I was awarded the Oscar for the Best director of “Titanic” in my formal dress, I always wore it. ”

Meeting and parting with friends and families, I am always in the company of wristwatch.

The watch I wear today is the same model as the one I gave Roponi. When I look at it, I recall the things experienced by me and my submariner watch and the places I have been to, from the depths of the ocean, to playing with my children, to the moments when I wrote stories, it always accompanied me. Meeting and parting with friends and families, I am always in the company of wristwatch.

The Story of the James Cameron ‘s Watch Has just Begun

James Cameron, the Rolex spokesperson, is a top figure in film production and has adopted innovative techniques in a number of works. The film “Titanic” has won 11 Oscar awards, it is one of the most prestigious movies ever, while the movie Avatar has broken the world’s highest record of film box-office .

Rolex Explorer watches are made from countless challenges to the Himalayas, equipped with a unique hour and minute hand, and the iconic black face has luminous hour markings and an enlarged Arabic numeral at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock position, which are legible and readable. The design of the watch ensures that the time is still legible in a dark environment , which is critical for explorers.

Oyster perpetual submariner watch is a model of sturdiness and durableness. The unique watch face on the new Oyster watchcase is equipped with noctilucence large hour mark, progressive rotating Cerachrom outer ring and solid chain link oyster belt. The new generation of submariner and submariner datejust calendar watches are the same as the original watches introduced in 1953.

Exquisite without losing personality, the yacht master is symbolized by the blue color or pearl mother surface style, surface design is inspired by the azure Ocean world. The enlarged hour mark and the hands coated with luminous materials, ensuring that the face in any case is legible and easy to read. Yacht master is your ideal companion whether on the sailing deck or in the elegant Yacht Club lounge.

The new Cellini series perform the most exquisite charm in the traditional watchmaking industry , it is absolutely honorable. The watchcase is manufactured by Rolex’s exclusive foundry and is available with 18ct white gold or timeless rose gold style. The classic round design with a diameter of 39 mm is a traditional logo of brand , while the delicately-shaped case-ear and polished-decoration, and double outer rings consisting of a round-arched outer ring and a triangular-textured outer ring , making the watch more distinctive.


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